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fuck you, miles teller, whiplash
so i've finally decided to post again

i finished school 2 weeeks ago and am now WAITING not so patiently for marks
all i know is next year, i have to kill it, or ill never get into grad school or pharamacy school

ive finaly learned how to post pics and gifs, just in time for the ontd_startrek party post, which was a blast, and i made a new friend, [info]ragettizepirate, over our shared love of daisy of live and rock of love

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yess daisy of love and rock of love = the best friendship starters!!

I'm waiting incredibly impatiently for grades as well. WAT is taking them so long. WAT. ;_;

i have no idea! but i got one more mark today, so now im only waiting on 2 more, but i should have at least gotten the marks for the all multiple choice exam!

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